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Saturday, August 16, 2014

Six and Counting

I know I wrote about this already, but more has occurred and I just like sharing it so that others don’t feel like they are the only ones this happens to.

When one is chronically ill, staying focused around doctors and hospitals is essential.  It’s essential even if you are basically well, but when your life revolves around healthcare (or lack thereof) learning your way around is the only way to survive and avoid all the pitfalls.   And there are many.  Not all of it is the fault of the healthcare workers since the system itself is in dire need of repair, but you must stay alert and make sure you question things that don’t sound right and stick to what you know is true and for what you know you can and cannot tolerate.

If I weren’t already out of my mind from the pain and from the tiniest of things that upset the balance of my difficult-to-manage days, the hospital where I’m having the MRI would surely send me to the Looney bin.  

·      It took one week for them to call back and schedule an appointment for an MRI of my thigh after my doctor’s visit, and then they had the order so completely wrong, I thought they had called the wrong patient.  “You’re having a brain scan in six months, right?”  they asked.  Huh?
·      Someone finally figured it out that it was an MRI of my thigh, and possibly my spine, but said it would be another few days before they could schedule it.
·         The first time they scheduled it, it was for my leg only
·         The second time they called to schedule, they said the doc wanted a full body MRI.  I told them no, unless I was under general anesthesia.  They agreed but said it had to be in two appointments.  Not what I wanted, and I explained the difficulty in me getting there, but I agreed.
·         The third time they called (very excited) was to tell me they COULD do it all at once after all, and gave me a date.  I was happy
·         The fourth time they called, she said “I made an error, we have to reschedule”.
·         The fifth time they called, it was to get information from me regarding my meds
·         The sixth time (I am NOT making this up) they called, was to get MORE information regarding my health because of the anesthesia.  And now I may need to come in BEFORE the MRI to go over it all in person….but I made it clear that would not be happening.

I am about ready to cancel it all together.  I understand their caution regarding me and all the drugs I take and general anesthesia.  I would not be surprised if they bailed on me.  I’m not telling them about my DNR until the last possible second.  They are freaked enough as it is.

Compared to what is happening everywhere else on the planet, this is small potatoes.  Cognitively, I get that.  My body, however, doesn’t understand.

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  1. Sherri,

    I know the pre-anesthesia appointment is a burden....but PLEASE go. It's important. Ash does it too. Yes, I am begging you. Thank you!

    Much love,


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