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Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Watch for Him

I am having an incredibly great day today!!!!  Pain is at about a “3”.  Trying not to wait for the ax to fall (lol) because it always does.  But now?  Heaven.  The tumors are giving me a break and staying away from the nerves today.  I guess.

Yesterday wasn’t such a good day; I was in loads of pain but could not stand being shut in any longer (four days and counting) so Pam took me to the store.  I was crying from the pain on the way home, anxious to get there, and questioning my existence, which is something I do when it gets that bad.

We were driving down a quiet street when suddenly the three cars in front of us stopped.  No stop sign, no crosswalk, no people around.  Usually I get crazy when that happens (if I’m in agony) because the longer I sit, the harder it gets.  But for some reason, I just looked out my window.  And there, crossing the street oh so carefully was a family of geese.  Mom up front, four little ones and what looked like a teenager, and dad in the back.  I actually started crying from joy.

It was awesome to see, and awesome that everyone on both sides of the rode stopped and watched; no honking, no swearing, no complaining.  Just patience.  And for me, a reminder that when we need it the most, G-d shows up one way or another.  You just have to open your eyes and look.

Oh, and the Lyrica?  I'm taking it at night instead of in the morning starting today.  Talked to my doctor about it.  I'm so tired in the morning after taking it I can't stay awake.  And then I don't sleep at night.  Trying to figure out how these drugs work is a pain, pardon the pun.  Nothing great so far (today is an exception, but probably not due to the Lyrica..yet).  We shall see!

these aren't the actual geese; they wouldn't pose, the stinkers!!

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