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Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Every Step

Pam walked over here today…she lives about two miles from me and said she’d walk over and I told her no, but she did anyway….and I had gone to the store for a couple things….got back and there she was!!  What an angel.  She’s working her behind off right now.  I don’t know of many people that dedicated.

My stamina is not good and I’ve been exhausted all the time.  It may be the Lyrica that I take in the morning.   I need to give it more time to see if that goes away.  I don’t want to get any less sure footed than I already am!

I have been trying to think of something I’d like to experience before I die and I’ve been having trouble with it.  If virtual reality was readily available, I’d love to try that and visit places I’ve never been to in my life.  I need to research that and see if it’s a possibility.  Some things I just don’t keep up with, and technology is one of those things.

But what I’d want most, I think, is to try hang gliding.  Of course, I could never do it alone and I don’t know if it would be like parachuting with someone.  I kind of doubt it.  But to experience “flying?”   That would be unimaginably wonderful to me!  It makes me teary just to think about it…all that freedom and the rush that must surely come with it.   I’d parachute too, if I could.  Or hot air balloon, though that wouldn’t be quite the same.  I just want to experience some things I could never do in my “brick and mortar” life.  A life on the couch.  A life watching those gorgeous hummingbirds, with their 685-1,000 heartbeats a minute, flitting around, pausing in front of the deck door to say hello to me and Oliver then dart away to the right, left, up or down.  Amazing creatures.

I feel so much closer to G-d when I think of those things and stop worrying about everything that’s out of my control. Which is everything.  It’s so much easier to accept that rather than fight it,  Every. Step. Of. The. Way.

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