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Monday, September 14, 2015


This past June, a cousin of mine in another state has a daughter who got married.  Like all else that is family and friends, it was an event I had to miss.  Today is the first day of the High Holy Days, another event I am missing.  All due to NF.  I’ve missed the holidays (High Holy Days) for years now.  Missing the wedding of a cousins child was one that hurt.  A lot.

Today, I just got a link to a video on it.  It looked like something out of a movie.  So many people I haven’t seen in so many years, half I did not recognize.  Except that I did.  They just looked…older.  If they looked older, I must look like my great grandmother.    I watched as Danielle walked down the aisle, as they broke the glass, as everyone cheered (all with music, no other sound) as they danced, laughed and celebrated the joy of a new generation starting a new chapter of their lives.

These are the things that bring up the pain and make it worse.  These are the things that hurt like hell.  Not being able to share in the joy.  Not being able to dance, to fly out somewhere and celebrate a life changing event, not being able to do the simple things that everyone takes for granted.   I want so much to be in the world and not just of it.  But it is not to be.

And it’s these moments I must remember, must really, really work on remembering, that I am loved.  Not just familial love.  Not just friendship love, but that bigger,  indescribable love that comes from the place we came from, the place to which we are returning, the place that has no bounds, no physical restrictions, no sadness about not being able to do the things that limit me here on Earth due to our bodies or any other kind of restrictions.  A place humans cannot destroy.

I am a spiritual being having a human experience.  And as human experiences go, as they all go, it is a challenge I just may have signed up for, for better or worse.  My job is to complete it.

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