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Thursday, May 14, 2015

New Challenges

Words have been stuck precariously in my head, wanting to escape but unsure of where the exit lies.  Putting those words together has become more and more difficult as my need for painkillers grows.  I use way, way less than the “recommended” amount; the side effects are too daunting and miserable to contend with so I make YouTube videos instead.  That is daunting as well and I have yet to figure out how to draw in viewers or even if they are worth viewing in the first place.  Like this blog, I’m really only interested in having people with NF or other painful disorders read/view what I put out there.  And friends and family of those who are dealing with the situation, in an attempt to have them better understand what the challenges are for us.

I did this latest one because I was having a day from hell and wanted people to understand that all the “tricks” in my book on pain control sometimes fall short, or fall not at all.  None of them are polished in any way.  But I never thought of myself as a Steven Spielberg or Robert Altman or anyone else behind the lens of a camera.  It’s an iPad, for heaven sake.  One funny thing happened to me on the journey; I was watching a movie on Netflix and there was a scene with a character trying to make a video using her smart phone.  But it had the iPad video technology and when she was done with her little bit, she could not get it to stop recording.  That happened to me more than once and I had to do the whole thing again because I couldn’t figure out how to “trim” the last few seconds out and ended up deleting the whole thing.   Funny.  Or's another. 

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