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Monday, April 20, 2015

Summer Wind

As you can see by my YouTube “promo”,  I’ve been figuring out a few things about how to upload from my iPad.  I can upload from my PC, but I can’t make videos there and don’t have a “smart” phone.  I refuse to have a phone that’s smarter than me.  The PC and iPad already get credit for that.

My new pain protocol isn’t exactly something to write home about.  There are the tolerable days and the days from hell.  Unless I stop moving all together, it’s usually the latter.  But if I’m feeling at all like I can move, I do.  I mean out of the house kind of movement.  But I pay for it big time the next few days.

I got a new showerhead and a shower bench.  The bench isn’t right for my tub and I need a different one.  The showerhead doesn’t attach correctly and I have to hold it which is difficult and awkward.  I have a call in to the maintenance guy who installed it.  He said the parts didn’t work right with it, but I think he did something wrong.  Maria, my aide, said the bench was far too big for me and her other client, who weighs a lot more than me (everyone does) has a smaller one.  So I put a call into my caseworker.  It took over a month to get the first one. Sigh.

Sometimes, the challenges so overwhelm me.  And as much as I like the sounds, feel and smells of summer, almost everyone in my life goes out of town for weeks at a time.  My brother and his wife will be gone for a good part of the summer as will my sister and her husband.  And several of my friends, too.  I’m very happy I have the help I do or I’d be miserable.

The food service I use to bring me meals once a week (enough for four meals) is great and the food wonderful.  If not for them, I’d eat even less then I have been.  I just don’t have the energy or interest in food anymore.  But I do like watching the eaglets eat!   They’ve gotten so big in such a short time.

Be well!

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