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Tuesday, March 18, 2014

A Momentary Lapse Into Normalcy

Yesterday was patch day which sometimes makes the next day a bit more manageable though it’s hardly predictable.  And for some reason, yesterday was the better day.   Better than in a long while.  I had an acupuncture appointment and did some errands before that.  Today I had a doctor appointment, came home and went out again to get ink for my printer.  Now THAT was a big deal, trust me.  A real lapse into “normalcy”.   I’m not sure what that is; I mean, my life is normal for me.  Oh oh.  I’m thinking again.  Dangerous ground.

Of course, now I’m in pain that is mind numbing (at least something gets numbed) but you know what?   I’m so grateful for yesterday and today (this morning anyway) that I just can’t stop thinking about it.  See that’s the struggle; I have so few “good” days that I want to dissect them so that I can replicate them at a future time, but of course, that is not possible.

And Vinnie, G-d bless him, is keeping me on my toes, though at times, ready to open the front door and kick his sorry behind out into the world forever.  Craigslist keeps leaping to mind but I don’t trust who I might find.  They say it’s a bad place to give away an animal, especially a beloved pet that was just a bad match.  Don’t know whether to laugh or cry.  People are telling me to return him and not feel bad about it, but I can’t help it, I do feel bad.   I mean, I think he’d be happier with a more active family but getting him to the shelter will be a challenge; they don’t pick up they don’t let you return on the weekend.   My helpers are gone before the shelter even opens.

So Sunday morning I heard a crash in the bathroom while I was on the couch.  I got up to investigate, and V had knocked a basket of towels and soaps into the tub….as I was cleaning it up, mumbling his name under my breath, I heard a crash in the living room.  I sighed and went to investigate that crash.  A picture of two of my nieces was on the floor, the glass shattered in a couple pieces.  As I was cleaning up that, I heard a crash in my bedroom (I’m not making this up) and I ran in there, exhausted.  He had wiped out everything on my dresser and my carpet was strewn with knick knacks.  I cleaned that up and opened the front door to let him out but he wouldn’t budge.  I wouldn’t have done it, but boy, I was tempted.

Then today, while my help was here, he tore from one end of my apartment to the other, knocking things over in his path…but it wasn’t his usual tear.  He looked scared.  It was then we both noticed he had gotten a plastic bag, the one I keep his litter scoop in, around his neck.  I was afraid to approach him for fear he’d bite me.  Luckily, it tore open and came off.  But there was litter scattered around the house.   Thankfully, it wasn’t his poop bag around his neck lol.

So….anyone want a cat?

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