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Sunday, January 22, 2012

Pain and the Weather

When I reached puberty, I noticed something odd about my pain.  Whenever I had my menstrual period or felt it coming on, my pain would increase twofold. My doctors laughed at silly old Sherri who made these wild claims, but years later they found that indeed the tumors could feel more sensitive or even painful around hormonal issues.  It took years before they acknowledged this and mostly because I wasn’t the only female on the block who told their doctors this news.  Sometimes it indeed takes a village, so to speak.
Years later, I noticed that my pain gets worse when there is rain moving into the region.  Of course, in Seattle it seldom moves out of the region, so the pain is mostly there all the time.  And this time, the claims are not being made by women only….I’ve asked around (the few people I know with NF, but also, online) and lo and behold, other people feel it more in weather where low pressure is hanging around, wreaking havoc. 
Let’s face it, people with other ailments feel them more in icky weather.  Icky being the most technical term I could come up with while writing this piece.  What is interesting to me is that cold doesn’t necessarily bother it; if the sun is shining it’s not quite as bad, but there are certainly exceptions to that rule.  If I had a busy day prior, going to doctors or grocery shopping (sadly, busy for me is a ‘down’ day for most everyone else) the pain is worse regardless of Mother Nature’s contributions.
So, out of curiosity, if anyone reading this has had these experiences, write so in the comment section and tell me about it!!

P.S.   The snow that landed here with a vengence is mostly gone.  Of course, I had to BEG the manager to shovel my walk because it was an ice rink.; no where for it to go when it started to melt so it just sits there and freezes over again.  Bad for people like me who could go shopping but not bring the stuff inside, fearing falling (too busy walking).  I knew you were all worried sick about it so I thought I'd tell you.  Phew!

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