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Saturday, December 24, 2011

Budging by Smudging

Sometimes, the medication I take for the pain gives me nightmares.  If it happens too many nights in a row and I’m crazed from lack of sleep, I smudge my room.  For those of you unfamiliar with this, it’s really simple.  You get a “smudge stick” which can be sage (which is what I use) or a combination of other herbs.  You just light one end, and when it starts to smoke (much like incense) you just kind of wave it around the room.  I say a few words of prayer, asking that whatever spirits may be invading my sleep move on.  Very simple and I just make it up for whatever the occasion.
If you’ve been reading my blog, you know that my kitty cat Oliver has been having health issues; his blood pressure was very high and he’s on medication for that, steroids for something else, and potassium because that’s low and could be what is causing some of his behavioral and health issues.   Try getting those things down your cat.  Mostly, I use pill pockets, but they are very expensive and I go through them quickly, along with his pills which of course, are not covered under my health plan.  All told, the little guy cost me at least $125 a month or more, not including doctor visits.  He only gets the good cat food.  Sometimes, with all the hunger in the world, I feel guilty spending that much on his food, but he is my family and I love him.   So I give what I can when I can to food banks.
Okay, enough of the back story.  Oliver’s personality did a 360 on me; he use to cuddle, lay on my lap, sleep with me, and generally, stay close.  Now he seldom goes anywhere near me and sleeps in the lviingroom at night, instead of in my bed next to my head.  Cannot budge him.  I miss him like crazy, but since he doesn’t feel well, I’m giving him the space he needs.  Only for some reason, last night, I did a smudge in my room, and asked that whatever is scaring him go away so that he can sleep with me again.  I kid you not, after four weeks of not sleeping with me, that night, he crawled into bed with me.  Was it the smudging?  Who knows.  I’m just glad he’s back….hopefully, he’ll stay.  He still keeps his distance during the day.  Still wants treats,
Still my guy.


  1. just found your blog...wasn't looking, just happened upon it. kudos to oliver! i'm betting the smudging that brought him back into your room. cats have an uncanny sense when something's wrong.
    as soon as i get off the computer, i would like to send some healing energy your way, in the form of reiki. when you are finished reading, take a good,deep cleansing breath and hold if for a few seconds. you will feel it working.
    you can always call in healing angels to help with pain. just follow your mind.

  2. Thank you...if you are reading this, know that I really appreciate you sending me Reiki energy...I haven't had a reiki session in a long time...can't afford it....I do see an acupuncturist a couple times a week....she does other energy work too, but not reiki.


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