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Thursday, April 8, 2010


All day, I’ve been having this weird feeling and vision of an angel scooping me up under it’s body; holding me under my stomach with it’s arms, and flying me away….very strong vision, very weird. Then my sister called to tell me her former mother in law passed away today….so maybe that’s all it was…some feeling of someone dying. But I didn’t really know the woman…only met her once, and her son, my sister’s first husband, died many years ago. I’m feeling so disconnected lately. My friend with NF is suffering so; he just wants to die and is trying to arrange hospice because he is so frail and so ill. I’m praying he gets what he needs, because he deserves it. I’m frightened by my feelings. My disease is progressing too, but I’m feeling like a total failure…I want to be done here.

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