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Sunday, December 12, 2010

First Encounter: a non NF experience

This happened to me about 20 years ago, and it took me 10 years before I shared it with anyone at all. But my spiritual life is important to me, and this was such an incredible experience, it changed me completely. I think the show “Ghost Whisperer” gave me courage to go ahead and share it with more people….and now I’m ready to go public. In retrospect, it doesn’t seem like a big deal; but at the time, it was huge. I want to be clear about something since I’m posting this experienced. It all happened PRIOR to my illness becoming what it is today. In other words, I wasn’t even taking aspirin at the time….completely and totally drug free, not for medicinal reasons, and never recreationally.


I had awakened at about 5 a.m., and seeing that I didn’t have to get up for another hour, I rolled over to go back to sleep. But trust me, this was no dream. Suddenly, there appeared before me three people, and they were laying down. They appeared in a kind of holographic form, on a screen that was brightly lit from behind. There was an adult woman, who was closest to me, and adult man, who was next to her, and a child, I think male. My heart was racing and I tried to make sense out of what I was seeing. I managed to sputter “Who are you” at which point the woman turned her head and looked directly into my eyes. There was also a cat in the scene, who circled around the three of them once. Then the scene dropped from view and the room went black again.

I was so scared, words cannot describe it. I was wide awake, shaking like a leaf and trying to understand what I had seen. I told no one, but of course, could not forget or understand it.

Three weeks later, I was sleeping somewhere else, (the change in venue convinced me the house I was living in had nothing to do with it) and I awoke early in the morning and saw the woman standing before me. Again, she was lit from behind. She was holding a telephone receiver, and screaming into it, though I heard nothing. She was crying and desperately trying to communicate something. This time, I was more curious then scared. Again, it appeared as a holographic image. Again, I asked “Who are you” and again, the image disappeared. When I wrote that it dropped from view, I mean it literally. Like an elevator, it simply dropped out of sight.

At that point, I was very curious and very frustrated. After the first time, I began to see images whenever I closed my eyes; disembodied heads floating by, staring at me, mouthing things I couldn’t hear. Sometimes I saw street scenes or other images I did not understand.

After that, I went to a psychic, something I had never done before. I told her the story and said I feared I had attracted something dark in my life. She did a reading and said that no, this was someone caught in the astral plane, and if I saw her again, I was to send her into the light I was seeing behind her. This was all very new to me; I had never heard of anything like it before. She said I needed to do it quickly, because time was of the essence. Of course, I had no control over whether or not I’d see her, but I promised to do just that if I did.

Three weeks after that, (why these three week intervals, I do not know) I did see her again. This time, the phone was at her side, and she was sobbing but not frantically, just in sort of a hopeless matter. I asked her to look at me. She met my eyes, and I told her to turn and go into the light. I told her her husband and son were waiting for her (I have no idea who those other people were, but those words just left my mouth before I could think about it). She looked at me for a while, and turned and walked into the light, which was fading.

I never saw her again. But I continued to see images, most of people I do not know. And it all STOPPED when I began taking pain medication. So it has nothing so ever to do with medication.

My guides are the strong women in my life who have passed. Not all of them; some are people I do not know. But most are people I do.

I wish I had taken the time to develop whatever gift I have that allowed me to do that for her. I know this was not something that I made up…it happened, it was powerful, and I know I have a connection to something I do not understand. We all do, I think, but due to my life circumstance (having a lot of time on my hands due to illness) I have been able to develop some of those skills.

Okay….well, now that I’ve become a weirdo….lolo…. I’m sure I’m not alone.

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