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Sunday, November 8, 2009

Period of Adjustment

When it comes to economics, I am the first to admit I’m not the sharpest knife in the drawer. The same goes for politics. However, it doesn’t take a very sharp knife to understand the basics. And to see that throwing good money after bad, or in the case of this country right now, BAD money after bad, is a very bad idea. Businesses fail. Often. Bailing out the auto makers, especially after having bailed them out once already, is a very bad idea. I go back 30 years when I started buying Toyota’s and some redneck yelled at me to buy American. I said I would, gladly, if they made them correctly.

The two American made cars I owned were the shop more than in my possession. I gave up after that and had cars that were built to last. And they all have….for many, many miles and little maintenance. I shed few tears for them. Eventually, life comes home to roost. People who buy the big gas guzzlers, even if they work, and then slap a ‘support the troops’ sticker on the bumper have always fascinated me. They don’t seem to connect the dots. Cars and sexual prowessness reign supreme, is all I can think of as the culprit. Call me crazy, but supporting the troops means a whole lot more then a bumper sticker. How about using less of the oil, which is what the blood for oil war is all about. Less dependency, less to war about. Give me a break, about the terrorist argument.

 There are more terrorists in this country then in theirs. They just don’t fit our description of what a terrorist is. How about men who beat their wives? They put terror in the hearts of their spouse, don’t they? Crime is on the rise, of course….it follows after the rout this country is going through. And you know what? It’s about effing time. We have been fat and happy too long. We have the smallest population and use the most resources. I read this article about “Cheap is Chic” and wanted to vomit. One fellow wrote that you could be a good watch for $7,500, so why spend $250,000? That sums it up in a nutshell, doesn’t it? Just how out of touch was this guy?? So, this is a much needed period of adjustment. It will be a long, hard period, but much needed. I say, let the automakers fail. Let them figure out how to get themselves out of the mess they got themselves into. Be a grown up, Mr. Automaker.

 I am sick to death of the ‘trickle down theory” that didn’t trickle down one damn thing to anyone. As a 56 year old woman, I can tell you that the only thing that trickles down does so from my bladder on occasion. Sorry. We rush in and throw money at Wall Street, the automakers and all the other fat cats, and leave the truly needy truly needing. Shame on us. What’s really interesting to me is the GM made it’s big announcement the day after the stocks started to rally. And now of course, they tanked again. Hmmmm. Republican owned businesses wanting back the good ol’ days with the good ol’ boys back in the saddle again.

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